Ash Patil writes...

We are into the 2nd year….

I am pleased to be able to tell you that TRMS is now successfully into its second year after being on the brink of closure in Spring of 2016.

I hope you will agree with me that to have 9 evening concerts and 2 lunchtime concerts during this period was impressive and the Society has done well to continue with organising quality and innovative concerts.

The highlights of last year's Rickmansworth and Chorleywood music calendar were the partnership with the internationally renowned Maggini Quartet, Alliance with the Purcell School of Music and the introduction of Jazz and Indian Classical music.

Financially we seem to be making a marginal profit over and above breaking even which though not exactly ideal is not unsatisfactory. We are obviously a charity organisation and as such most of our income is rightfully spent on organising concerts with talented and well-known musicians for the benefit of our membership.

The key to TRMS's successful survival has been due to twofold - one the unwavering support from TRMS's loyal membership for which all of us are immensely grateful and second the persistent hard work put in by TRMS's committee members.

The composition of the committee remains the same including myself as your chair but with the exception of David Clark leaving the committee. His contribution to TRMS over the years has been remarkable and he promises to help TRMS anyway he can much the same way as he has always done. My sincere thanks to him for his continued dedication to TRMS. The current committee members are -

  1. Chairman:   Ash Patil
  2. Treasurer:   Irvin Needle
  3. Secretary:   Denise Wellham
  4. Programme Director:   Steven Halls
  5. Membership Secretary: Michael Currey

David Budge, John Donegan and Sue Howse also continue to be the committee members on your behalf.

The new challenges for the 2017/2018 season continue to be to expand the audiences through increased marketing and publicity and to reach younger people by organising concerts with new musical ideas.

I look forward to the new season with much more optimism than I had this time last year thanks to your support. We have a lot more new concerts planned for the coming season including lunchtime concerts by the Purcell School students and exploring a new concept of family concert. Details to follow soon.


Draft Minutes of the AGM 2016
held on 7th December at the Baptist Church, Rickmansworth.

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