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Saturday, 29.07.2017

Uday Bhawalkar


TRMS is proud to bring Indian Classical music to Rickmansworth and present Uday Bhawalkar - an internationally renowned proponent of Dhrupad style of Indian Classical Music. He not only regularly performs in London and elsewhere in Europe but also comes every summer to train aspiring musicians in the Dhrupad Music Society, UK in London the Dhrupad style of Indian Classical Music. Uday Bhawalkar will sing from his repertoire of Indian evening ragas in Dhrupad tradition.

About Dhrupad

Dhrupad is the oldest existing form of Indian Classical Music. Its long tradition links together the major heritages of Indian music and culture. Dhrupad's origins are thought to be in the recitation of the SamVeda, the sacred Sanskrit texts of Hinduism. The Mastros of Dhrupad remark that rather than entertain an audience, Dhrupad's purpose is worship. The nature of this type of music is hence spiritual, seeking to create a feeling of peace and contemplation in the listener. The word Dhrupad is derived from Dhruva the steadfast evening star and Pada meaning poetry. Dhrupad probably evolved from the earlier chanting of OM the sacred syllable that claimed to be source of all creation. Later, the chanting of Vedic scriptures into singing of Chhanda and Prabhandas sometime during the first millennium A.D. First chanted in the temples, Dhrupad evolved into a refined and sophisticated form of courtly classical music. Between the 12th and the 16th centuries, the language of Dhrupad composition texts changed from Sanskrit to Brijbhasha and the music eventually came under the patronage of the royal courts. Thus its complex renderings found a discerning audience in a highly sophisticated atmosphere of luxury and power of North India. Despite all its evolution, however, the pristine nature of Dhrupad has survived and even today, we hear this majestic music performed almost exactly the same as it would have been 500 years ago. Like other forms of Indian classical music, Dhrupad derives its music vocabulary from the ragha system.

Ragas can be thought of as scales, modes and collection of highly specific melodic phrases all at the same time. Thus Dhrupad's main emphasis is purity of raga and swara. Dhrupad is typically performed in two parts.

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During the Alap section (without purcussion accompanyment) the raga is slowly and methodically developed in a meditative mood. The singer uses syllables taken from Sanskrit Mantras. These syllables are used in a specific way to clarify the rendering of the raga providing different possible vocal timbres for different pitches. The speed of Alap gradually increases with the introduction of an accelerating rhythmic pulse that builds to a point where the melodic patterns literally dance in space.

The Bandish is a short poem accompanied by pakhwaj, (a horizontal double-headed drum) and set to a cyclical rhythmic meter known known as Tala. The common Talas of Dhrupad contain, 7, 10, 12 or 14 beats.The poems are usually devotional or amorous in nature but they can also specify ways of using Raga, Tala, Swar and Laya. During the Bandish the singer develops the improvisations in the melody and rhythm, dividing the cycle systematically. The intricate patterns and improvisations woven by the singer and pakhwaj player create a dialogue often playing against or complementing one another.

Saturday, 29th July 2017

The Concert begins at 7.30 PM
There is NO Pre-Concert talk for this concert.
Uday Bhawalkar, himself, will introduce each of his raga performances

All seats unreserved

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