2016/2017 SEASON

Annual membership fee is 20 for all adults of the age of 25 or over; for all those under the age of 25 is free.

£s Annual Fee Evening Concerts Afternoon Concerts
Doors Advance Online Doors Advance Online
Friends 50 15 13.33 Free
Members 20 6 4.84
Non-members - 16 14.40
under the age of 25* FREE
* Proof of age may be required.
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Anyone making a donation of between £ 20.00 and £ 49.99 and who is currently not a member of TRMS, will automatically become a Member. Those making a donation of £ 50 or more will additionally become Friends of TRMS.

TRMS existing members who are currently not Friends can also become Friends of the Society by making a donation of £ 30 or more in addition to the annual subscription fee of £ 20.

The Society's immediate priority is to meet the costs associated with the long term free loan of a Schiedmayer 6 foot grand piano projected for 2016/2017 to be around £ 2000. The donation from the Friends will be exclusively used for this "Piano Fund".

We will be publishing the running total of the appeal fund as well as the names of the people who contribute.

TRMS is grateful for the generosity of its Members and Friends.


* Members have a right to vote at the Annual General Meeting of TRMS.
* Tickets to all concerts at reduced price. Further reduction when booked in advance - online or by post.
* TRMS will endeavour to keep the concert programme free for everyone.
* Friends will get free access to all afternoon concerts.
* Friends will also get their name added to the list of Friends on each concert programme as well as on the website
* Friends who are not members will not be eligible for members' concession at the concerts.
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Please fill in the application form for becoming a Friend or Member of the Society or to renew existing membership and be part of Rickmansworth's and Chorleywood's music calendar.

Please make cheques payable to:
and send this application with your cheque to:
Mick Currey, Membership Secretary, Three Rivers Music Society, 43, Shepherds Way, Rickmansworth, WD3 7NN.

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Please fill in the application form for becoming a Friend or a Member of the
Society or to renew existing membership
and send the form by email or post
to the address above. You can pay online by clicking on one of the "Subscribe"
or "Donate" buttons as required.
Membership subscription £ 20.00
Donation for Piano fund - amount left to your discretion but we suggest £ 30 or more. Those contributing become Friends of the Society -

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Three Rivers Music Society (TRMS) is fortunate to have secured a Schiedmayer 6 foot grand piano on a free long term loan housed permanently at the Rickmansworth Baptist Church. In 2016, the one-off cost for transport, purchasing a strong, soft cover, an A-frame, insurance and a year's tuning will be about £ 2000. We are proposing that funds generated through the Friends' donations will defray this cost this year.

* A strong soft cover
* Insurance
* Year's tuning
Together about £ 2000.

There will of course be an ongoing cost in future years associated with the piano as we would need to keep it in pristine condition for high quality concerts.

TRMS is grateful for your generosity that enables the Society to continue.

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